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Walmart 2 step verification – OneWalmart Help

What is OneWalmart?

OneWalmart is the human capital management software used by Walmart to manage its employees. You can do thinks like request a leave of absence, see information about your time away, getting paid, keeping up to date during leave, and more using the OneWalmart system.

Walmart is one of the world’s biggest employers with over 2 million worldwide associates in 2021. This means a lot of people use this software and you may be one of them.

What is 2 step verification?

2Step verification provides a second layer of sign-in security. Compromised passwords are more common than you might think. 2 step verification help protects against stolen passwords and identity theft. With 2Step Verification (also known as twofactor authentication), you are able to add an extra layer of security to your account, which helps you to protect your identity and passwords as well as sensitive information.

Accessing OneWalmart

In order to access OneWalmart from a personal device you must first enroll in Symantec VIP for 2-Step Verification. This is true even if you are using a Yubikey and/or Google Authenticator when logging in to your workstation or connecting to the VPN.

When do I use two step authentication?

When you login to check your schedule, benefits, or paystub from your personal devices (e.g. tablets, home computer or phone) you will be prompted to select your preferred method to receive a one-time verification code. You do not need to own a smartphone and you will be able to use a landline if desired to complete the authentication.

How do I enroll in 2SV? (2 step authentication)

Visit wmlink/2step from a workstation that is connected to the corporate network and follow the steps outlined.

Who must enroll in 2 step authentication?

Anyone who would like to access their OneWalmart account system from a personal device such as a computer, a tablet or a personal smartphone will need to enroll.

If you need help enrolling in authentication or with any related issues, use the contact info below:

For US based associates, please contact Field Support at 479-273-4357

For international based associates, please contact your in-country help desk.


If you are a Walmart employee and you would like to access your OneWalmart account from anywhere in the world using a personal laptop, computer, or smartphone, you will need to enroll in the required two step authentication. This will protect your personal information and the integrity of your account. If you would like to do this, please visit wmlink/2step from a workstation that is connected to the corporate network and follow the steps outlined.

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